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Vision Nano Mono Leader

Vision Nano Mono Leader

(en) Nano Mono leaders offer you two options for that special moment when you are facing the greatest challenge of the day. Shorter leaders for bit easier fisheries and longer ones for those vary wild fishes on crystal clear mountain streams. 2.7m leader available in 0X – 7X and 4.11m leader in 4X – 7X. This is a brand new innovation in monofilament tippets and leaders. It is really something new and different from our famous Extreme tippet. If you like soft and strong line, the Nano Mono is your choice. It has extremely high knot strength and it is totally memory free. It has more stretch than our Extreme tippet making it act like a shock tippet, simply helping you to land more trophy size fish.

VAT 21% included.

 VOL4 Vision Nano Mono Leader - 4X / 0,18mm, 9ft. (270cm)
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