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Vision Travel Tube

Vision Travel Tube
(en) This is a great tube for the destination angler who wants to carry several rods in one tube. These are available in four different lengths; 82cm for 4 - piece rods up to 10ft, 110cm for 3 - piece rods up to 11ft, 140cm for 4 - piece DH rods up to 17ft and 160cm for 3 - piece DH rods up to 15ft (each length is the maximum length for a rod part) and their inside diameter is 10cm. There is a carry on handle, adjustable shoulder strap, address card pocket and protective end caps on both ends. Separate cloth bags are available in two different sizes to cover all 4 tubes. Two new versions feature a reel pouch so you can have your fishing kit ready to go all the time. The reel pouch is padded to protect your reel from impacts. Both have a carry on handle and an address card pocket. The 74cm model is for 4 - piece rod up to 9ft + fly reel and the 95cm model is for 3 - piece rods up to 9ft + fly reel. The zippers are strong and original YKKs.

VAT 21% included.

 VTT82 Vision Travel Tube - 82cm
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