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Vision Ikon Waders

Vision Ikon Waders
(en) How to choose the correct size It is important to have the right size of waders to get their maximum performance. For example, if your waders are too small it will stress the seams too much and create a great risk of leakage. The first step in choosing is to find out your type of waders. We have grouped them for Standard, King, Long and Short sizes. If you are of average build, start with Standard sizes. For slimmer and taller builds try Long and for heavier builds use King sizes. Superior fabric technologies - F4, F3.5 and F3 Vision F-series fabrics are a new generation of moisture-permeable and waterproof fabrics that have innovative features using micro fibre technology and high-density fabric weaving technology. We take this seriously. Look at our hang tags and stickers on our garments. We tell the truth. There have long been too many myths surrounding breathability. If you have tried several types of garments you know that the myth and the reality do not always match. The new IKON waders are replacing the old Extremes with a big boost. They have been developed based on our legendary Extreme waders and have improved on all the attributes a wader can have. The 3/6 layer construction in F3.5 fabric offers you the most durability and comfort while wading. Stretchable belt, water resistant front pocket, built-in drying loops and specially designed feet and back take these waders to a new level of technology. Pick your favourite in standard, long, king or short, with or without a zip in front. Or then just stick with the guiding model, if you feel like hip deep is the deepest you want to wade! Ikon Zip & Ikon Waterproof & breathable F3.5 fabric 3 layer upper, 6 layer bottom Waterproof Riri Storm 10 zipper on Zip model Matching colour stretchable wading belt with two belt loops Adjustable, matching colour braces Built in gravel guard with lace hooks Inner pocket Water resistant front pocket Built in drying loops High back design Neoprene feet with left and right side design

Breathability: 5500 g / m2 / 24h.
Waterproofness: 13000 mm
Weight: 249g / yd

VAT 21% included.

Wader sizing
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