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Vision GT Four fly rod

Vision GT Four fly rod
(en) For season 2012, we'll introduce a special jubilee 9' #5 rod. Only 95 pcs manufactured. Numbered rods with best components available. Dark blue blanks. Aluminium tubes with velvet cloth bags. Make sure that you'll reserve yours in due time... A famously popular rod . People all over the world have used our GT four for 4 years now - with reason. This medium-fast action green miracle is made of T-40 graphite and does almost everything you ask of it. Many anglers from the beginners to pros react spontaneously with a shout of joy to their first experience of its casting motion and feel. That’s even before they have their first fish on. This light and sensitive blank is ready to perform for you.

VAT 21% included.

 vis-732-16 Vision GT Four fly rod - (95) 9.0 Aftma #5,4piece, 77g!!!
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