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Loop G.A. Signature Singlehand

Loop G.A. Signature Singlehand
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(en) "For many years I was asked to design my own flyrods. Here is the result – the Signature-series, made from the same fibre and technology as the Opti-series. The rods have a somewhat deeper action that bends down through the handle when fully loaded, together with a short piston stroke that allows an early stop. The rods are easy to use and suits all kinds of flyfishers, but gives you who have the technical abilities an improved angle performance – without any lost of power during the forward cast. To fish with the Signature-rods is like poetry for your body and soul. You can almost feel how the rod is speaking to you, then you just hang on."

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 GASS494-4A Loop G.A. Signature Singlehand - 9.4 ft, AFTMA #4
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 GASS3100-4A Loop G.A. Signature Singlehand - 11 ft, AFTMA #3
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