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Vision ACE tapered tips

Vision ACE tapered tips

(en) At the beginning of our Skagit era, we introduced the traditional level T-tips to be used with the floating head. Although very generic in nature, this package doesn’t cover all possible situations. Anglers were using from the start our existing tips to cope with each situation at hand. These tips were designed to be used with normal Ace shooting heads and were not optimal for extra short and heavy Skagit heads. In order to complete our Skagit range, we designed a set of optimized tapered tips including obligatory Floating, Intermediate and Sink3 tips. When combined with a Floating or an Intermediate Skagit head, the angler can basically cover all the layers from the surface down to the depth were T-tips will become the number one option. All tips are equipped with ready-made loops.

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 VSKT10I Vision ACE tapered tips - Inter 10ft.
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