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Cortland Precision Dyna-Tip Trout

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Cortland Precision Dyna-Tip Trout

(en) Casting performance and precision presentation in one line! The Precision Dyna-Tip compliments todays faster rods for peak casting performance at any distance. The Rocket 2 taper loads quickly for accurate close casts, and when you need to reach out, acts like a shooting head for maximum distance with minimum effort. Mint Green color for angler visibility. The 6-foot sage green tip is formulated from a proprietary material that floats higher and lands more softly than conventional fly lines. This means better presentations and no annoying -tip sink-. Precision formulated for minimum memory, the Precision Dyna-Tip stays supple in cold water, but wont wilt in mid-summer heat.

VAT 21% included.

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Dohiku 301 25pcs
Dohiku 301 25pcs
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