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Rotary vise accesories

Rotary vise accesories
(en) 1. White fly-tying mat 2. Trim bag 3. Parachute fly tying arm 1. White fly-tying mat White fly-tying mat is to help against eye strain. It is possible to glue paper of various colors to further help against eye strain. The mat can be used with all types of vices. 2. Trim bag The trim bag is used to stop waste materials making a mess on and under fly tying bench. The bag can be used with all types of vices. 3. Parachute fly tying arm Parachute tying arm helps to make tying parachute flies easier. On the arm is a clip attached to a spring which helps with the tying of very small and complicated flies. It can be locked in three different positions, made from stainless steel.

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