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TMC Brush & TMC Needle

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TMC Brush & TMC Needle

(en) TMC Pick Out Needle A unique dubbing needle which has three, dull needle points. It can pick out dubbing material very easily without damaging the tying thread. The needle, as well as the TMC Tying Brush II, comes with a blue grip. This new tool will be a must to tie GRHE and Rabbit Fur Nymph.
TMC Tying Brush II We have improved one of our best-selling tying tools, TMC Tying Brush. This new tying tool has a hard, durable, stainless steel brush and comes with a nice-looking, compact, blue anodized aluminum grip.

VAT 21% included.

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Dohiku 301 25pcs
Dohiku 301 25pcs
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Wapsi UTC 70
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